Winter Walking

Last weekend we were finally able to head out on what turned out to be the most perfect day for winter walking: sunny, a warm 23 degrees, and plenty of snow!

We headed 5 minutes down the road to Corbett’s Glen to wander along a simple stream-side trail.

Of course, Bridgette could not leave home without “Cousin Juliet Baby Doll,” who happens to be wearing a brand new outfit!


She and Bridgette took their privileged seats perched upon Papa’s back!


August was warm and snuggly bundled up and strapped to Mama’s back.


Was he comfortable? You be the judge!!!


Bridgette took some time to run around in the snow and enjoyed trying out Papa’s poles!






Baby doll took a little break along the way too!


Bridgette absolutely loved it! August slept through it! And we were able to enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland that we live in! What a great day!


July and August Update!

We finally made it to Rochester, NY on June 20th. It was a beautiful sunny day! I immediately fell in love with our little house as I walked through it for the first time. And not to mention our neighborhood!  Swoon!

The missionaries showed up to help unload the large furniture pieces. By lunch time, our garage and home were packed with boxes!


IMG_7815I absolutely LOVE organizing new space!!! I must have switched the cupboards at least 5 times to find the best system!IMG_1248June 30th: Our festive Independence Day attire for church (Thank you for the adorable outfits, Janna!)



This is our neighbor, Jim. He is such a kind, soft spoken man. Bridgette adores their dog, Buster!


She takes good care of their yard too!



Fairport Independance Day Parade!



Bridgette with her baby doll in one of my dresses from my childhood. And those curls are all natural!

IMG_7891 IMG_7863

Augoo hanging out in the bouncer in the kitchen and being as cute as ever with that hair!



Bridgette got 3 goldfish!

IMG_7909 IMG_7918


August goes on his first bike ride!


Papa is exhausted and I take the children to a local fish hatchery to feed the fish. It must have been 100 degrees that day!

IMG_1462 IMG_1616

Love this image of Bridgette


Our local library has a great room for children to play computers, dress ups, puppets, and stencils.


She is the master nail technician! Yes, that is her Papa’s foot!!!


Bridgette and her baby dolls! She got August in on the action too!

IMG_1564 IMG_1562

Bridgette continues to crack us up!

IMG_1687IMG_1689  IMG_1691

B likes make up application. Ha ha ha!!!

 IMG_1776 IMG_1768


And she LOVES hanging from anything!


Bridgette helps mama in the kitchen!  The flour spill unfolded while I ran upstairs to get August. We have so much fun in the kitchen together!

(She is always rubbing the surface of her lips with lotion, chapstick, and even flour. When she lays in bed at night, she rubs her lips or picks at them. She got a tube of lip smackers for Christmas!)

IMG_7924IMG_7928 IMG_7933

We bought a membership to the Strong National Museum of Play. We spend hours there each week just playing, and we love it!

IMG_1822 IMG_1821


August gets his picture taken in his blessing outfit. Finally.:) This was somewhat postponed due to the move. Whoops!

IMG_7939 IMG_8011

August gets his second haircut!

IMG_8019 IMG_1875

August turns 5 months!

IMG_8027 IMG_1914

Mama takes the children to pick raspberries and apricots!



I believe she ate more raspberries than she picked.


We made raspberry apricot jam that afternoon.



B and A snuggle in Bridgette’s crib


August continues to just make us smile!

IMG_8077 IMG_8082

My sister, Morgan, visits for a month with her kids.  This is Cousin Kate.  She sure loves the babies and she and Bridgette quickly become best friends!


Nothing says Summer like popsicles and bathing suits! And we played in the water for a straight month!




Cousin Kate reads books to Bridgette and August. She was such a good buddy to Bridgette. We just loved having them here.


We visited the Joseph Smith. Sr. Farm and the Sacred Grove in Palmyra with the Moore cousins, Grandma Kaylyn, and Grandpa Shirl. Bridgette was learning about shadows at the time! Augoo was smiley as ever and loved to fly high in Papa’s hands!

IMG_8197 IMG_8245

IMG_8194 IMG_8219


We visited a local dairy for fresh ice cream.


Some pictures (mainly of August) to finish out the month of August…how apropos!


IMG_2066 IMG_2248IMG_2421

  IMG_2440 IMG_2380


August turns 6 months!


Fishing for dreams!


April-June Update

                 My, how time flies! He’s a brief catch up from April to June.


Chasing dogs on our walks. Always.


She pretty much picks out her outfits these days.


Her fine motor skills are super impressive!


Of course, she now has to do what August gets to do: Sit in his swing, lay on his changing table, suck a binkie and asks over and over for me to carry her in a wrap or baby carrier.




Pausing for a moment during our walk, so baby doll can dance a gig.


August enjoying the bouncer!



Saying good bye to our awesome family medicine doctor, Dr. Kastman, who helped with the delivery of Bridgette and August.



The weekend of May 18th, we drove up to the Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin and stayed the weekend in Door County.

They were having a “Door County Scotty Rally” so we knew Bridgette would love to see so many puppy dogs.


She was the star of this little event! Local newspaper photographers were snapping pictures of her, engaging with every puppy that crossed her path. Of course Soft Baby Doll got to pet the puppies too! She was in DOG HEAVEN!


It was a great time!



We spent time at a park, swinging and playing.


This little nugget loves slides!


It was a great weekend getaway with the family! We did stop at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, where the Packers play, on the way home. (I am not sure where those pictures are though.)

Baby Doll and Bridgette fly papa’s helicopter. She was crazy over this for weeks!


B gets a hair cut, since her bangs were always in her eyes. I later regretted it!


The ever present big sister in August’s face!

She was also obsessed with a book called Apple Pie, about a little puppy dog who tries to get the apple pie off the table so he can eat it.

So, B made some apple pie!




All of Bridgette’s baby dolls are well taken care of: baths, diaper changes, nursing and burping sessions, the whole enchilada!


Sneaking in a date night!


One of her finer hair moments


She loves her Radio Flyer and baby carrier



A couple of weeks before we left, I arranged a photo shoot with some of Bridgette’s best friends.



This pretty much sums up the shoot:


One of her closer friends, Emmeline.


And all the parents. Man, I miss our friends in Madison.


I had a little going away party for myself 2 days before we moved.


Every Thursday, for over a year and a half, we gathered for the BBB (Babies, Books and Brunch) to promote a love of reading with our babies. Whoever was hosting (we’d rotate) would provide a brunch for all. Each mom would take a turn reading a book to the group. We’d sing interactive songs too. Sometimes there would be 8 adults and over 18 children crammed in our little apartments, but it was one of the best days of the week! So fun!

One last dip in the pool before we move.


August’s Blessing day! He was a dream. The most calm I had ever seen him. He must have been surrounded by angels!


June 8th, we headed up to the Dells for the day.


We spent the morning hunting for Zinke gravesites and the afternoon at the Mount Olympus water park!


I hung out with August


while Rick chilled in the lazy river with Bridgette, for over an hour! She didn’t want to get it for any other water features.Around and around they went!


Graduation from Residency! HUZZAH!





Just hanging out with my little man, Augoo



This is Daisy. She lived across the parking lot, in another apartment building. Her dear mother saved my life on many occasions during August’s colicky stage. She’d take bridgette for hours, so I could try to get a nap in, after being up all night. It still brings me to tears just thinking about her selfless nature and generosity! Her mama helped us clean the day we moved!




Rick did an amazing job (surprise surprise!) with loading our truck all day Monday. I don’t think I moved one box into that truck. He’s a machine that knows exactly how to puzzle everything in. It’s always impressive. I provided lots of cups of water and “Good job, Babe!” over and over.


A few close friends helped move the big pieces in that evening.




Saying good by to Rebecca, our post lady! She was the best! (An architect who studied at Harvard and now delivers mail to “keep in shape”.)


Saying goodbye to Dawn, our neighbor who lived across the hall. She took a few missionary discussions in our home, and brought us countless meals over the years and lots of clothing for the children. She was so sweet and wonderful!


And my dear visiting teachers who helped me clean my apartment the morning we left. They really were so great.


And a picture I took of myself a few moments after pulling out of our complex. Tears swelled in my eyes. I was so sad to leave such a wonderful place. So many wonderful memories!!!


And my amazing co-pilot, who used to live above us. She made the journey with us from Madison to Rochester, to help me with the children. She brought us cookies a few weeks after Brigdette was born, because she could hear her crying through the floor.  Her note said, “Congratulations on your new baby!” Bless her heart. I had never met her before that. We quickly became good friends and still keep in touch.


Stay tuned for a lot more pictures! I’ll try to post again in the next couple of days!

Halloween 2013


From our Beehive to yours, Happy Halloween!IMG_9263








“Twick oh Tweet, BUZZ BUZZ” is what she said when they answered the door.IMG_9166



She walked away with 4 full size bars from this basket! “Bridgette, you want another one? Help yourself, honey!” We love Joe!IMG_9179





IMG_9155I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!!!


August’s Blessing Day

August received a name and a blessing in church today.

Rick did a beautiful job and August was so peaceful the entire day. (Except during a few pictures. It was windy and a little brisk) A first for that little boy. Prayers were answered!

20130602-IMG_7400 This is my first (and maybe last) crochet project: a blessing blanket for August.

I started it before he was born and my dear friend, Ann, helped me finish the border just a few days ago.  I am so happy with the outcome.20130602-IMG_7369I absolutely love this picture of the two men in my life whom I adore most: 20130602-IMG_7361We had a simple lunch: Soup, salad and rolls.

Recently Updated233We are grateful for supportive friends who made the drive to attend this special occasion for our family.


And I am grateful to my mother who flew in to represent all family that couldn’t be here.

It was a perfect day.

We love you, August!

Brat Fest 2013

For the third year in a row, we attended Brat Fest, adding a child with each visit.

It was a cool 55 degrees. Perfect for us!

You’re looking at the world’s largest brat being grilled by a couple dozen volunteers.

It was over 54′ long. And that’s a  54′ bun next to it.

For $4, you could buy 6″ of this 54′ brat, with all the money going to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado. All other brat sales go to local charities.

And some people even bring their birds to the festival and push them around in a stroller. Recently Updated227We’re big fans of the grilled corn, which is dipped in a vat of melted butter!

And Bridgette, well, she is full of funny faces lately. She’s so expressive and energetic. I get my exercise chasing her.

August, well, he’s doing great too.

Recently Updated228

We had a great time with friends and will miss this event!



Recently Updated212We love this home made play dough recipe!

3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
2 T. cream of tarter
3 T. oil
3 cups water

Pour all ingredients into a medium pot. Stir constantly over medium heat until a dough ball forms by pulling away from the sides.

Knead dough until the texture matches play dough (1-2 minutes). Store in plastic container. Should last for at least 3 months.

We added food coloring and essential oils. It feels like the real thing!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bridgette!

With the arrival of August, we wanted to have a birthday party for Bridgette. If you know me well, you know I think children 3 and under don’t need parties. But I wanted to have a day that was all about Bridgette!!

She needed the attention and so we invited her closest girl friends and had a simple tea party for these little ladies.

We asked that the little ladies come in their dresses.

Before her guests arrived, she opened a tea set that her uncle Matt gave her. She seemed happy upon opening the gift!

Recently Updated183

We had a simple activity of lacing Fruit Loops and Cheerios onto curling ribbon, so they could wear necklaces during tea time.

(Let’s be honest, only Fruit Loops were used!)

Recently Updated184

We served the little ladies berries, cookies, crackers, Craisins, gold fishies and Chex in little cups.

(Adults ate a simple spinach salad and an asparagus and mushroom strata.)Recently Updated182I steeped some Celestial Seasonings Blueberry tea and the girls loved it!

Recently Updated185Bridgette hijacked someone’s necklace and quickly started eating the Fruit Loops!

Recently Updated189

Looking at all these little ladies gathered around, sipping tea with their dainty hands was probably the cutest thing I have seen in ages!Recently Updated188

Her friends were so generous and gave Bridgette some pretty cute stuff!

A “Baby Doll” as she calls it, was from Emmeline. (Since she opened it, that’s all she has cared about! I hope that when I am feeding August, she will feed her baby, instead of crawling all over me!)Recently Updated190

Cosette gave her a  beautiful crocheted hat and Daisy gave her an adorable reversible apron!

Daisy’s mom also made her a little baby bjorn baby carrier for her dolls. TO DIE FOR! So cute.Recently Updated192

You are loved, Bridgette!

Katalyn gave you a great big bucket with 3 tools! We can’t wait to use that at the beach.Recently Updated191

Cosette helped you blow out your candles on your cupcake and everyone enjoyed some strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Recently Updated193August woke up just as the party was ended. (Just what we hoped for.) We wanted this party to be all about you!

Some things about you:

You are so so silly and very social. You say “HI!” to complete strangers and they always say “hi!” back.

You love to push your stool up to the counter and help me in the kitchen. We recently made cookies together for the first time and now you request cookie making all the time. You like licking the beater, just like your papa!

You love going to the Church nursery for “BOBBLES!” (Bubbles) When Sacrament meeting is out, the run out to the hall and down to your nursery class and wave “goodbye” to me.

You really started talking about 4-6 weeks ago! You’re lacing 2-3 words in a sentence. “Mama’s milk” / “August wah!” / “juice please” and you can repeat most any words we say.

You weight 27.5 pounds and you’re 24 inches tall. You’ve been dealing with eczema all over your body and it’s slowly getting better.

You do this funny thing: you walk with your hands interlocked, behind your back. You’ve been doing this for a while now and it still makes me laugh.

You have some crazy bed head in the mornings, but we sure love all your curls!

You are all about “Books!” and rarely play with toys anymore. I think you like being and playing with people so much more than playing all by yourself. We spend a lot of time reading books.

You have endless energy and your love for animals continues to grow. Papa wants you to have a puppy someday.

You are starting to carry a tune. You try to sing with us when we sing lullabies to you.

Grandma Kaylyn taught you that A is for August, B is for Bridgette, M is for mama and P is for papa. Anytime you see any of those letters, you say what they mean.

You love to play hide and seek, chase and games of that nature. When you’re hiding, we say, “Is Bridgette under the table!?” and we hear you say, “Nope!” and you laugh. So do we!

You love your big “puppy” from IKEA and your “OO OO AH!” (Monkey).  I’ve caught you sleeping with your arms around your monkey before. It’s adorable.

You no longer use your little potty, but always request mama’s or papa’s potty!

You love “Pahstah!” with “Cheeeeeeese!”

When Papa is on his way home, you stand on the window sill and wait. When he pulls up, you say, “PAPA!” and then as he approaches the window, you let yourself fall backwards on the couch and you just giggle.

Your favorite friend now is “DAISY!” I’ve heard you talk about Daisy while in your crib for quiet time. She comes over and her mama takes you two girls for wagon rides around the neighborhood.

During bathtime, you like to draw with tub crayons and finger paints and request the colors “Bwoo” (blue) and “lehloh” (yellow).  We think blue is your favorite color, as you always ask for everything blue.

We spend a lot of time drawing together with crayons and pens. But mostly, we are tracing each others hands and you love that. We also trace your elbows, feet, and head too!

You love your baby brother “Ah-goost” and swing him with much gusto while he’s in his swing.

We love you so much Bridgette. We love your fun and energetic personality. You’re curious, determined, helpful, goofy and our favorite little girl ever. We’re so happy you’re in our family. How lucky are we!?


Bridgette loves helping me in the kitchen.


She has made cookies, poured batter and has even chopped vegetables.

I love having her by my side as we both cook and bake. 08I love these pictures of Bridgette. It pretty much epitomizes my sous chef!


Easter Sunday

Dawn, our sweet neighbor, gave this dress to Bridgette. She’s been so sweet to us and we will miss her!


Bridgette is showing us how she can count.Recently Updated221

Bridgette’s Easter Basket was filled with goodies from Grandma Kaylyn and bunny ears from last year. (Thank you, Mom!)Recently Updated222

This egg tower kept her busy for minutes!!Recently Updated225 We colored hard boiled eggs using vinegar and food coloring.

Papa showed Bridgette how  to make designs with waxy crayons! Recently Updated223

She thought that was pretty neat! (Ok, so did it I!)Recently Updated224

More cookie decorating on Sunday, in her white onesie and white tights!20130331-IMG_6232