Halloween Gingerbread Houses

I get these creative juices flowing when the Fall approaches.  Luckily for me, my friend Ariane  and I joined forces and spent a couple of hours between the sessions of General Conference to decorate some gingerbread.  I have to say, it’s all about the candy!  My personal favorite to eat: these black gumdrops!

Golden Grahams (cue song: They’re not just good, they’re GOLDEN!) makes for a great shingled roof look.  I used licorice and nonpareils for siding, candy corn for stone work and Andes mints for window shutters. I used peppermint patties to create a fence, along with some pumpkins for decor.  Ah…it was a good time!  There are so many different candies that can be used…..

Rick engineered the Chimney.  Strokes of genius!

I used the gingerbread recipe, glue and  pattern found HERE.  I tried something different this time that made for an incredibly easy way to roll, cut and bake gingerbread.  If you have a silpat, use it! Most silpat mats are transparent! I printed the pattern on paper, place it under my silpat mat, and then took a small handful of gingerbread dough and rolled it out on the mat, just over the pattern lines.  I used a dull knife to cut out the gingerbread, following the lines underneath the mat. Then I moved the silpat directly to the cookie sheet.  This way, the gingerbread kept it’s perfect shape for baking.  When I was figuring this out, I was like, “DUH!”  It made it so easy.  One recipe of icing was enough to heavily decorate 2 houses.  Maybe I need to do a gingerbread themed turkey house next year….with a large cornucopia of goodies pouring out all over the lawn!

24 thoughts on “Halloween Gingerbread Houses

  1. So, so cute! Keeping the gingerbread pieces in their original shape has always been my biggest problem!

    Of course, I found a pre-assembled, candy’s-in-the-box gingerbread house when I was out this morning…for $4.99. I’m having a hard time talking myself out of it!

  2. Seriously, Vanessa, you are NUTS! I wish so badly I was your next door neighbor so that you could get me to do that stuff with you. I would if I had the dough (aka moneys) and the COUNTERSPACE! I love it…keep it up girly!

  3. I love it, Vanessa! Along with your spooky new blog look.

    I like how the candy corns look like turkey tails… thanksgiving is just around the corner!

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  5. Those are so cute! I don’t think I could think up something like that! I can’t wait until Saturday night!!!!!!

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  7. great house! found your site looking at images of gingerbread houses. i have to say, in a www full of wana be’s – yours is inspirational. i didnt know they had mormons on the east coast. ha. our yw group here in california, was thinking of selling gingerbread house kits for one of our camp fundraisers this year. your pattern & recipe makes it much easier to plan. thanks for posting – i will check back for more fun ideas if you dont mind. thanks again for sharing.

  8. Thank you Beth!

    Yes, it was created from my mind and it was a blast to do! yes, there are Mormons on the East Coast. Lots of us!

    Let me know if you end up using my recipes/ideas and if they were easy to follow and it they worked out. Send me a photo too!!

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  10. Pingback: I’m Published! « Zinkes: New England Style

  11. So Evan and I were talking about different Holidays and we talked about last year how, we made Gingerbread houses with Henry & Kate after Thanksgiving dinner, and Evan said we should do that again. So I pulled up your blog and we looked through all of your Gingerbread pictures. He thought they were cool, but loved the Halloween one the best. Might have to try this the week Daddy is gone, but before baby comes! You have a almost 5 year old fan!

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